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January 11, 2013

Take it easy God!!!

Mother-TeresaWe have learned so many things since our son David's passing from addiction at the age of 16. Prominent among them is that pain will always be visited upon us by life but that we do have a choice whether to allow the misery that always acco...mpanies that pain...to consume us.

My wife and I have often mused about the conundrum that our son's death gave us a great and powerful gift. A gift that permits us, if we allow it, to understand pain, suffering and in some cases sudden tragic loss in a way that others in this world do not. And that the compassion and strength we can share with others in time of need comes not from empty words of solace but rather from the personal experience of walking the path.

And having walked that path we can also serve as guides and pathfinders for  those in pain so that misery does not become a legacy of loss.

I am so fond of the Mother Theresa quote I heard many years ago in one  of my AA meeting which goes:

"I know God only sends me what I can handle....I just wish he wouldn't  trust me SO MUCH!!!!"

So God.....I guess you do trust us very much....just take it easy sometimes...will ya!!!

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