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May 02, 2012

Lessons Learned

In the decade that has followed the loss of our son David to substance abuse the love and support of Lessons learnedmany have sustained us as we redefined our world without him.  Prominent among them have been his many friends who continue to call, write, email and stop by to see us....most often unannounced.  Today many are married and have children of their own which makes their visits all the more heart warming.

Their loss like ours, in the beginning was deep.  And yet in the midst of it the lessons they and we learned from his death were poignantly inventoried in the following entry of the 2002 Lawrence Central High School Yearbook. The dedicationcontinues to be an  eloquently guide for me as I do my best to live one day at a time without Dave:


Words cannot express the grief that we have felt since losing you.  The void you left in our hearts can only be surpassed by the joy you brought to our lives.  In your life, you made us laugh to the point of tears; in your death the tears we cried for you have been a painful reminder of a lesson that could only be learned at the expense of an insufferable loss.


You have taught us to live everyday as though it could be our last and to love those close to us with a passion we never knew existed.  We reveled in your smile and your endearing eyes, never thinking it could be the last time we saw them.  However, the memory of your smile is enough to help us survive everyday without you.  Whether it be a vivid dream, a brief memory of your laugh, or the slighted tug at our hearts, we are constantly reminded that you are with us always.  We love you David.

And so it goes................

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