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November 14, 2011

Misery Is Optional

MiseryOne of the most powerful lessons I have learned in recovery from addiction is that pain is necessary to bring us to recovery..... but the misery that always seemed to accompany my pain was optional.
In recovery I have learned that I have a choice whether to be miserable or not and that recognition was liberating for me.
Today I relish my freedom to choose, to feel, to act....and that I and only I can take it away.

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November 11, 2011

Pain Does Not Last Forever

In those early days after our son David died from addiction I feared that the gut wrenching pain I felt from his sudden and tragic passing would engulf my heart forever.

Yet in the physical world, so in the spiritual realm too, I have come to understand that pain does not last forever. 

The wisdom of our past teaches us that pain enriches us and prepares us to better serve others.

We come to know who we are and the specialness of our gifts through the despair that has at times encumbered us.

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