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February 20, 2011

Prevention or Intervention....Which Is It???

Drug-abuse31 Not long after David died from inhalant abuse Marissa and I became involved in what we came to think of as substance abuse "prevention and education" work.  And while there is no question that our efforts exact a heavy emotional price from us at times, on balance we derive an incredible amount of fulfillment from sharing our story with others and by doing so honoring David’s struggle with addiction.


Recently however I have reconsidered the word “prevention” when used in the context of our substanceImagesCABF7AGJ  abuse work because it implies that somehow one can be inoculated from the abuse of drugs and alcohol like the chicken pox or the measles.  I have come to believe that, for  now, we cannot totally prevent  substance abuse and that our efforts would be better directed toward strategies to “intervene” when it does occur or when a young person is predisposed to addiction.  I fear that the concept of “prevention” can create a false expectation of hope in parents and the public at large; that somehow we can stop all addiction from occurring.  The problem with this line of thinking is that when we fail to do so the resulting emotions are despair and hopelessness.



There is already too much hopelessness and despair when it comes to families and addiction because of stigma and denial…


We simply don’t need anymore thank you very much!!!!

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