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December 14, 2010

Two Stories of Addiction - Anguish and Hope

On December 9th, 2010 the Partnership at DrugFree.Org, which provides supports to Parents whose teens struggle with alcohol and drug abuse, held their annual Gala at the Waldorf Astoria Ballroom.  During the evening The Partnership premiered this short video that depicts both the anguish and the hope of families who experience addiction with their loved ones


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December 09, 2010

December Diamonds

The gravel is wet and sticks to soles of my shoes as I walk along the path to the baseball diamonds. The chilling rain creates minature streams that empty into scattered puddles forcing me to make my way gingerly between them on this bleak December day. Winter in Indiana was never a favorite time for me when I was growing up...the steel gray skies above, the damp wet cold that settles deep into your bones; the empty trees seemingly devoid of life standing like sentries over the barren fields. 

After losing David, winter in Indiana seems to exist only to suck what hope and joy I still possess in my soul.  And so I come on this winter day to these open diamond shaped fields enclosed by chain link to listen and remember.  To listen in the wind that sweeps by me for the cheers of summer days long past when hope came in the guise of a three run inning....and joy in the fluid motion of a young shortstop as he effortlessly fielded a ground ball and made the play at first.

I hunch my shoulders and close my coat closely against the bitter unforgiving wind as I make my way back to the parking lot. And as I do I remember...the hope and the joy floods back warming my soul steeling my resolve against the damp wet cold of loss.

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December 06, 2010

It's Not A Personal Choice

A poingant reminder from our Australian friends down under that drug and alcohol abuse is never a personal choice but affects everyone who cares and loves the user.  I promise you will not be unmoved.









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