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November 15, 2010

When did you realize your son had a problem with drugs?

People often ask us, "When did you first realize that your son had a serious drug problem?  Was it the first time he came home drunk, was it when the pipe fell out of his pants pocket, or the time he dropped acid, or was it that night he was so high on alcohol and marijuana that he threatened to slash his wrists?"

The truth is that David had a drug problem long before we his parents realized it.  Each of these incidents should not have been just a "warning sign" to us.  The truth is also that when any of these signs appear it is usually just the tip of the "iceberg".   Each one of these incidents should  have screamed an alarm that would have deafened us.  And yet we wrapped ourselves in a cocoon of fear and denial, which insulated us from his addiction and allowed it to fester until it's venom claimed our joy.  We should have noticed there was problem when he stopped doing the things he loved like playing baseball....when the transition from middle school to high school was not an easy one or when he stopped hanging out with friends at our house and began hanging out with new friends at their homes, 

In the end the answer to the question of when we first realized that our son had a drug problem is simply....Not Soon Enough.

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