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November 10, 2010

Time Through The Lens of Recovery

Once I was able to see beyond our son’s struggle with substance abuse and the grief caused by his tragic death from addiction, a new form of understanding seemed to settle around me.  I began to view the world through a different lens than I had before.  A lens tinted by recovery, acceptance and forgiveness.

Had the landscape changed or was it me that was forever altered? 

Events that before would have seemed calamitous to me in the extreme, seemed less so…tempered by the loss of my beautiful boy Dave. 


Bars An early example of this new world view came one night when we met for the first time the parents with whom we were to begin a Parent Support Group at Fairbanks where Dave and I both received treatment for addiction.  As we were walking out of the room that first night I asked one of the Dad's how his son was doing…”oh he’s in prison right now and its hell for his mother and me”, was his reply,  “he’s 18 and has just been sentenced to 30 years, it doesn't get much worse than that”. 


I looked at him and without thinking quietly said…”You know, I would trade places with you in a heartbeat if it would mean I could have my Dave back....even if it meant him being in prison for 30 years”.


 Almost ten years later now...I think I still would.

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