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November 02, 2010

Hopes and Dreams

Hopes As parents we have hopes and we have dreams for our children.  The dreams begin before they are  born when we may hope for a boy or a girl but certainly hope for a healthy child,  The dreams continue   through childhood when we hope for success in school, popularity among peers, athletic ability or musical talent.  In adolescence the dreams persist but on a grander scale as we hope that achievement in sports or academics will be indicators of success in life.  A scholarship, a high school diploma. admission to college all become the artificial benchmarks by which we measure our hopes and our dreams for our children.

But substance abuse can exact a heavy price on our dreams for our children.  It may delay them for a while, alter them irrevocably or destroy them, leaving us to mourn over what we thought was once witin our grasp.  We grieve the loss of what WE wanted for our children which in the end was not really totally within our power to control.  But with knowledge about the disease of addiction, and the understanding that with intervention and treatment there can be recovery, we can restore hope to our lives and recapture our dreams.  Those hopes and dreams may not be exactly what we had intended for our children, but in the end the only thing we can truly promise them is our unconditional love. 

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