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November 08, 2006

Ran Out Of Time

When we first discovered that our son David had a substance abuse problem we initially tried to handle things ourselves with stricter rules and "natural consequences" for negative behaviours.  But after six months we were forced to admit total failure and that, on our own, we were powerloess and ill equiped to combat his growing addiction.  We sought profession help for him and for us and found it at a treatment center called Fairbanks in Indianapolis.  Over the next few months his mother and I worked hard to understand and learn about the disease of addiciton...and David too applied himself to learning about and practicing the principles of recovery.

He had made progress in many ways and was just beginning his recovery journey.

But his desire to get high remained too powerful.

...and in the end we simply ran out of time.

Treatment works!  Don't delay, get your son or daughter in for an assessment and then listen to the professional.

Don't let our story become yours.

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