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October 29, 2006

The Last Picture

Scan1_0001_21_1 He sits casually on the couch, his head cocked to his right a bit with the self-sureness of his sixteen years.  The trace of a smile crosses his lips and his hazel eyes seem to sparkle despite the washed out gray-scale of the black and white photo.  He's wearing that stupid visor he got not long before he died.  You can't tell it from the picture but its bright red and fuzzy like it was cut from a bad shag rug someone had thrown away. His mother, brother and I all thought it was ugly and told him so...but he didn't care, he was so proud of it  He wore it constantly in those last days...so much so that we put it in his casket when we said our final good bye to him.

It's the last picture we have of him, taken by girlfriend Stacy.  I think it was at her house but in the end it doesn't matter where it was or what he was wearing...because the last picture is one of those "lasts" that are forever......

the last kiss....the last hug....the last smile...and the last words I still hear in my head....

"Love you Dad"

Love you Dave

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