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April 23, 2006

Lost Treasure

The video camera bag had sat undisturbed in the corner of our bedroom closet for longer than either of us could remember. The dust had collected in such a thick layer that it seemed to permanently discolor the top of the black canvas bag turning it into a dirty gray. The camera had once belonged to Marissa’s father who had passed away about eighteen months before Dave’s untimely death from substance abuse, and since that time the bag had been shuffled from room to room until it was pushed to the back of our closet. I had some vague notion that the camera no longer worked properly which was the primary reason it had lain untouched and unopened for so long.

But fate intervened tonight when Marissa decided to move the bag so she could clean and I decided it was time to remove it from our closet and dispose of it once and for all. Before doing so I opened it up to remove anything that might be useful, but instead of useful I found a treasure tucked under the worn and battered camera. There in the bottom of the bag lay a video cassette that said “Dave, Lawrence Central High School Baseball.”

I picked it up gently, almost gingerly at first; afraid it might disintegrate at the touch of my fingers. I turned it slowly in my hand knowing I was holding a gift from the past. I called for Marissa to join me; put the cassette into the player and suddenly we were transported back in time. There was David standing at the plate in a game from some six years ago at a ball park we’d long forgotten, swinging his bat to loosen up as only he could, tapping the corners of home plate for luck like he always did and settling into his “perfect” stance to await the pitchers next fast ball. Marissa and I watched transfixed as one “at bat” blended into another until after twenty minutes or so he disappeared from our view as the screen turned to black and white snow.

Shortly after Dave died we gathered our family movies together and had them all transferred to DVD to protect and preserve them. We had been exhaustive in our search and Marissa had spent hour upon hour watching them and putting them in chronological order. Something I was incapable of at the time and still would not be able to do today. And so it was particularly powerful for us to discover a memory we had missed, a treasure in time that had been lost for a while…

and for just a little while we saw our son again for the first time in many years doing the thing that he loved and the two of us loving him the way we did and still do without pain; only joy.

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i have a 16 yr old that i just found out had been smoken meth for about 6 months he said it was only 1 time a month but being a mom i didnt trust that some gut feeling told me that was not the case.how i came to find out i had went in his room looking for my other sons wallet that he had left in there & i had found a jelly squeeze tube filled with whisky ( witch wasnt his it was a friends that had admitted to it ). but i went on looking in his room & found a sock that looked like it was a pair of socks that might be dirty but why a rubber band arround it, to my suprise i had found a bunch of toilet paper inside of it & a glass pipe with a few empty bags that had a lil bit of white pouder left in it i took that & went & found my son took all of his money getting tools made him wonder why he was sitting in the same room with me till my husband got home then we both sat & talked to him then he insisted that it wasnt his he was holding it for someone we kept on him askin who did it belong to & finally he told us it was his .as for the whiskey we found out who that belonged to & let his parents know as well . but anyway we went to get a drug test & it did show that he infact was useing it .i took his cell phone & would not give it back with out a name & a location of who he was getting it from , well to my suprise the (POLICE DID NOTHING ) because i didnt have a home address or a home phone number only the name of the person was not good enough but i had decided to go threw his room totaly. & found another pipe that had indeed been used with a few more empty bags i just broke dwn & was crying my eyes out i have been trying to be a good mother always told them about the effects that drugs would take on them if they used them & ect . but it did no good for him , he had told me that he even did it in my home in his room at 1 point, so i have tryed to do what i can going threw his room at differnt times of night & day walking in on him when he isnt expecting me to do so or comeing home & sneeking in to suprise him , his attitude is going back to being a jerk of a kid i know thats wrong of me to say that. but it just seems to sum it all up in that 1 word . so i am at a loss on what to do from here i am being told i am a stalker to him & ect . so if anyone has any info on what i should do from here please let me know u can send a e-mail to me [email protected]

Posted by: tammy | May 15, 2006 2:48:10 PM

I son't even know what a blog is exactly. I just need to write. I am so sorry to the Menloves for the loss of their son. I am on this site because the police showed up at my door last night to inform me my son had caused damage to a vacant house when he and his friends were smoking marijuiana(?). I am shock. I had no idea. MY son told me later he has been smoking it since 6th grade! I feel devestated. I stayed home full time for 20 years to be a good and aware parent. We go to church every sunday. We play together and talk. Recently I had been suspicious. His grades, while not stellar before had dropped. He had no interest in anything anymore. He had a glazed look in his eyes. He had been my "goog boy"-never causing trouble, always being sweet. Now I know it was all an elaborate cover up, I asked him why he tried drugs-he said to "feel better" Before this happened I thought maybe he had depression, because I do. I do not know what to do next, but I will put my trust in God that I will do the best I can. Let us not give up hope on these beautiful young people. May we win and not the drugs.May God heal the hearts of all those who are struggling with this, especiallly those who have lost a loved one. Love, Debbie

Posted by: Debbie Mason | May 10, 2006 9:21:55 AM

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