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February 26, 2006

The Answer to my Prayer

The young man came in and sat down across from me.  As I took all of him in it was his eyes that struck me first; but that was only the beginning.  He was taller and his hair was longer and a bit darker…but there were those same eyes, the same softness of his voice, the same way he always looked at me with his head down, his gaze upward. 

And the smile…oh yes the smile…filled with warmth and charm and most of all…a quiet humility.  I had heard from others that it might be like this.  That this young man would remind me of my David…and they had been dead on.

Here I was, at the place I had been a thousand times in the magical thinking of my mind, the place I had wanted to be since the day of David’s death.  Here…now…was the chance that I had first wept for, then cursed for, was willing to give my own life in exchange for and finally, in the end, the chance I surrendered and prayed for.  The chance to talk to another “David”; talk to him about the power and ultimate price of addiction and to say all the things that I should have said before, and all the things that I have learned since…the things that might prevent this “David” from walking down that same fatal path as my son. 

Here was the answer to my entreaties to my higher power, the God of my understanding, but it was not the answer I had expected.

Instead of my own precious Dave I been granted another father’s Dave…

I just hope that I have the right words for him.

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I just watched the video on your son David. I am a substance abuse counselor/Aftercare coord. and i am a recovering addict myself. These are the kinds of stories our adolescents need to see consistently, to get an understanding of the POWER the disease of addiction can have on their lives. I work w/adolescents at this time and would love for them to view this video and see the seriousness of this disease and how individuals GRADUATE to other more harder drugs as time goes on and our tolerance level goes down. It only takes one time and that one time could be thier last in the worst way. This disease doesn't hurt only the person addicted it hurts all who are connected and loves this person. Most teens believe marijuana is no big deal. But most individuals who became addicts including myself basically start out w/ marijuana and graduate to others as time goes by.Most don't believe it will get that bad for them. Most addicts including myself have also believed that lie. Now we need to educate these adolescents on the LIE.

My condolences to you and your family and i truly thank you for sharing the story of your son David he was a very, very special person who has touched many lives.

Posted by: Jamilah | Feb 27, 2006 1:49:58 PM

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