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January 24, 2011

Why Cry For A Soul Set Free

034_SHOWEROFGRIEF_24x30_09_ Only a parent of an addict can fully appreciate how as our 16 year old son struggled with his addiction... my wife and I also struggled together and at time individually with our fears for him and his future.  The anguish that consumed us day after day as events unfolded around us.....most often out of our control and at times beyond our ability to understand.  In the 11 months prior to his death in an addiction related drowning events occurred that we never dreamed we would experience when we first held our newborn son…

  •       Admission to a Drug Treatment Facility
  •       Weekly visits with treatment counselors and professionals
  •       The trips to the Juvenile Detention Center
  •       Consultations with lawyers on charges, pleas and probation
  •       School suspension
  •       His morning call from Jail when we thought he was asleep in his room 
  •      The trip to Jail to pick him up after booking
  •      Having to retrieve my wife’s car from the police impound lot
  •      EMTs trying to save his life
  •      ER Docs saying we've done all we can
  •      His Mother saying..."then stop"

 Drugs and alcohol first had turned our worlds upside down and then addiction changed our worlds forever as we were swept along on a river of tears and carried by waves of sorrow.

In the days and weeks after his death a torrent of expressions of sympathy flowed around us from friends and strangers alike.  One of the cards, which could be purchased at any drug store, arrived in a white envelop with a short verse of condolences....

Under the printed text....hand written at the bottom, just above a name we did not recognize at the time, were the simple words….

 "Why Cry For A Soul Set Free"Marker






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every day I celebrate that David is free from his torment and thank God that he embraced David into His beautiful world instead. Every day I selfishly cry for the loss of my beloved David, just because I miss him so much

Posted by: Aunt Shei | Jan 24, 2011 11:17:38 AM

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